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Final Expense

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Benjamin Franklin once said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes. We’d like to add a third: costs associated with death.

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Without a final expense plan, your children are generally left with the bills. What follows can be as serious and devastating as a GoFundMe page, bankruptcy, and more. Having a plan for final expenses can help your secure peace of mind that your family won’t be left with cost.


Final expense plans are affordable, with many plans costing between $50-$100 PER MONTH

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Anyone can be eligible for a FINAL EXPENSE PLAN - even if you have a serious medical condition or are a smoker

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Plans can be purchased UP TO AGE 89 - it’s never too late to protect the ones you love

Isaiah Reyes

Isaiah Reyes

In my experience I have concluded the reason individuals purchase Final Expense coverage is not for themselves, it’s to take the “Financial Burden” off their loved ones during a very stressful time. How Final Expense coverage works, is the benefits go to your beneficiary “Income Tax-Free”! Your beneficiaries can use any funeral home you or they select! The insurance company check may come directly to your beneficiary, or be assigned by your beneficiary to the Funeral Home!

*I will highlight that Nursing Homes, Hospitals, and other creditors cannot access your beneficiary’s benefits. YOU can decide and communicate how you want your final arrangements handled. This policy will give “YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES” a Peace of Mind!  Keep in mind the longer you wait, the more it costs! 

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